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  • The writing revolution.

    Your thoughts turn into words. No matter where and always in style. For the deeds we care. How? Find it out!

  • Manaomea – the pencil revolution.

    Pencils have always been made from wood. But our planet needs to keep its trees. We help!

  • Introducing the little revolutionaries.

    Instead of wood, our pencils are made from jute, flax or other natural fibres. Mostly from developing countries – always from organic farming.

  • From soft fibres to strong pencils.

    To produce our pencils, we use technology from the aerospace industry. High-tech, and yet hand-crafted; currently at our own manufacture in Germany.

  • A revolution for trees. And for people, too.

    Our plan for the future: The people growing the fibres in developing countries will be the people producing the pencils. That way they get financially independent and live a self-determined life.

  • Start the change today.

    Discover our products now!

Change the world, writing

Our products

The Pencilcase

The faithful companion.
For inspired minds.

The Queen

The world's first pencil made from cotton.

The Noble-one

Our pencil made from flax. Elegant and slim, with a classy appearance.

We invent stuff that makes happy – here and elsewhere.

What the h… does that mean? Get the whole picture HERE.

Hier die Subtitles rein

  • Changing the system starts with having fun.


  • Are we really here to change the world?


  • Yes. Because People in lower developed countries can do more than just growing resources.


  • Work, healthcare, education – the basis of a revolutionary cell.


  • If ten are happy in the end…


Hier die Subtitles rein

  • Rich and poor.


  • Who's the poor?


  • We can't abuse our power any longer.


  • And then we'll sing and dance together.


Hier die Subtitles rein

  • Uli – wasn't born with an IT-brain.

  • Luise – is thrilled to work with people from different sectors.

  • Tine – the moment when everything had to change.

  • Tine – now uses aerospace technology to produce pencils.



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Was wir verändern.

Das System zu ändern heißt für uns zuerst: Spaß haben.

Uli: Also wir starten jetzt. Wir wissen nicht wie die Zukunft aussieht, aber wir haben so ne gewisse Vorstellung. Wir haben ne Vorstellung, was wir erreichen wollen. Ob wir das alles erreichen, wissen wir nicht. Wir wissen aber was uns wertig ist. Für uns bedeutet das im Wirtschaften ganz konkret: alle sollen daran partizipieren und daran verdienen. Verdienen emotional, monetär natürlich auch und davon leben können. Aber unser neues Wirtschaften sieht keine Ausbeutung vor sondern ein glückliches miteinander. Spaß haben, und dann entstehen die coolsten Produkte.