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  • to be a shining example of a global social-ecological design business and a world-wide movement, beautifying every home with a piece of manaomea.
  • to become one of the world’s leading brands of trash-to-treasure products, by turning textile waste into individual manaomea material that is designable in shape, color and haptics, and from which pens, accessories, furniture, interior and more are produced at raw
    materials’ place of origin.

present situation

  • manaomea has developed a new material & process (patents filed) consisting of textile remnants, natural fibers and its signature organic-resin. More beautiful than tropical wood, moldable like plastic, sustainable like wood. Freely designable in shape, color and haptics.
  • manaomea is an innovative and committed social and ecological enterprise and movement.
  • manaomea strives for worldwide usage of its material & process.
  • manaomea wants to roll out the material & process as a global brand in partnership with dedicated organizations to bring about change.


  • to recycle as many textiles as possible
  • to provide a social-fair income for as many people as possible from the manufacturing of manaomea’s material and products
  • to make and sell as many beautiful, sustainable, & high-quality products as possible from manaomea material so that everyone in the world will own a piece of manaomea!

Example partnerships

  • together with innovative foundations/NGOs, manaomea establishes sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing sites (joint ventures with locals), partnerships, jobs and apprenticeships for material production in countries where textile raw materials originate. Including local designs & products.
  • fashion brands, textile manufacturers and
  • processors perfectly complement the movement with their remnants, which accumulate on-site, and their personal product collection.
  • while financiers and companies committed to a “circular economy” enable the ramp up and a good globalization

Collaborate with people you can learn from.

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– wish to join, partner, co-create this world-changing movement?
– are full of energy and radiate good vibes?

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