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turning rags to riches

We are passionate about materials!
Materials speak to us. Without embellishment.

We humans explore the material world with our senses. And by experiencing materials with all our senses, we feel their truth. Materials function as messengers and create memories.

manaomea material is novel, versatile, an alchemic transmutation from waste to beauty.

It‘s made from selected textile remnants, natural fibers and manaomea’s signature organic resin, which consists of >95% renewable resources. The result is fascinating, bespoke and unique at every single millimeter in form, color and haptics, embodying textiles authentic structure, story and energy and expressing their beauty tangibly.

It‘s a sensual celebration that carries a deeper meaning within. Every piece of manaomea material is an agent for world change and a messenger of the first textile fairytale to come true.

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the inside raw material creates the superficial feel

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authentically designable

what is placed inside is visible outside

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round, edgy, flat, large, small, hollow, full...

manaomea material could also be called „textile tropical wood“. It is stronger and stiffer than wood, its density is higher, and it‘s knotless. Moldable like plastic, sustainable like wood. Freely designable in shape, color and haptics.

It is a daring and clean alternative to (tropical) wood and problematic substances like plastic. Almost 100% of the textile scraps can be used, with no excess waste. Depending on the textile sources, up to 98% of the manaomea material is made from renewable resources and waste. Our factory is 100% powered by green energy.

Endless circular economy: manaomea material can grow, be healed and transformed.

From chair to wall decoration and back again. An intelligent modular system of different profiles enables endless cycles.

There are countless potential further uses of our novel material. In the future entire houses can be built of it. A practical, sophisticated material from recycled and natural resources, for use in unique and environmentally sound projects.

The manaomea material carries the »SEAL OF MATERIALS EXCELLENCE« and is featured at »Material ConneXion™« around the globe. Its patent is filed.

Textile Waste: »such stuff as dreams are made on.«

Now let‘s join forces!
We humans produce tremendous amounts of textile waste. Clothing waste alone is approx. 52 mio. to/a. It‘s not possible to recycle all the textiles in a closed textile loop. Our world needs new ideas, opening up loops to meaningful and long-lasting products like our manaomea material.


And what about you?
Do you feel attracted?
Do you produce textile waste? And are you looking for an ingenious and elegant way to recycle your textile material endlessly?
Do you wish to join, become a partner, or co-create within this world-changing movement?

Call us!
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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