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Charles and its stool


manaomea creates furniture and interior design in an intuitive and custom-made way.
»Charles« consists of 34 and »Charles‘ stool« of 17 beautiful design rods made of manaomea material »shadow&light«.
Each is natural and one of a kind, an alchemic transmutation from waste to treasure.

To form the seats and »Charles‘« backrest, the rods are mounted with up to 68 screws, framed by solid black flat steel. Individually bent and welded by hand, with a slight swinging function.

When sitting on »Charles«, you naturally don‘t want to get up. »Charles’« purpose is to enable you to just be in the here and now, while swinging slightly to the rhythm of the universe. And if you want, you can rest your feet on Charles’s stool.

Of course, that alone does not do justice to »Charles‘ stool«. Due to its narrow battens it can serve both as a stool and as an extraordinary side table. Every piece of the textile raw material is handpicked, cut to stripes and sewed by hand with all our love.


  • handpicked and hand processed textile remnants from 16 labels, e.g. remnants of old wedding gowns, handwoven textiles from a women’s project in Guatemala, remnants of fair sneakers from Pakistan, enchanting textile remnants from fashion labels in Munich, pure sheep wool selvedges from the alpine upland, organic cotton selvedges from the Swabian Alb and Italian recycled yarn from process waste.
  • organic jute yarn, today from Bangladesh, soon from our project in Nepal (keep your fingers crossed)
    organic resin from >95% renewable resources, by manaomea
  • steel from Italy and France, powder coated black
    Every millimeter of the design furniture is unique – embodying textiles authentic structure, story & meaning and expressing its beauty tangibly.


»Charles«: h: 800mm | w: 570mm | d: 900mm
»Charles‘ stool«: h: 430mm | w: 400mm | d: 400mm


Lifelong product responsibility: Charles can be healed and transformed, e.g. into a floor and back. Every piece of manaomea is an agent for world change and a messenger of the first textile fairytale to come true.

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your unique swinging chair for being present, while feeling so comfy

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Charles' stool

serving as stool and table,
each is one of a kind

sit extra cozily!

Every »Charles« and »Charles‘ stool« is equipped with a a design sheepskin (from leftovers, naturally tanned, regional) for the seat.

For sensitive floors we offer a sheep leather strap (also from leftovers, naturally tanned, regional) underneath Charles’ runners.

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