manaomea’s vision is to establish sustainable manufacturing sites for most of our material production in countries where textile raw materials originate. Locally hired men and women will then be empowered to improve their social and economic conditions in a sustainable manner. At the same time, manaomea’s pens will accompany children and adults on their quest to learn to write and pursue their education.

manaomea is in the process of starting the first social collaboration project in Nepal: growing and spinning purely organic jute yarn for the inner core of the manaomea material. Nepal was a historically known jute growing country, before the surrounding larger states took over this sector. Today Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, although with its Himalayan mountains and its spiritual way of life it exerts a great fascination on us Westerners.

This jute project will be the foundation stone for a co-creation leading to the first production of manaomea material in Nepal.

manaomea is becoming a global movement. Every single piece made of manaomea material, whether it’s a chair or pen or interior design, is a tiny part of this mission. It is development aid, an agent for world change and a messenger of the first textile fairytale to come true.

»Don‘t you know yet?
It is your light that lights the worlds.«

manaomea is in the process of building a strong foundational partnership structure in order to ensure the integrity of our work in textile-producing developing countries and to expedite the launch of a pilot production project there.

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