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this is easy-going

… custom-made, casual, extraordinary.
… the most beautiful & authentic messenger of your very own story.

»easy-going« playfully upcycles scraps that you and the world discard. Shaped sharply, its singular composition is apparent in a casual, understated way, while its body expresses your very authentic story tangibly.

Unique and fascinating at every single millimeter.

Each pen stands for circularity and courageous, responsible business practices. Open-minded, uncompromising and full of love.

Freely designable.

»Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
Making the complicated simple,
awesomely simple,
that‘s creative.«

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made from worn out employee clothes

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playful yarns in corporate colors

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sunny yellow remnants, yes!

Neonyt - manaomea
DLR - manaomea
textil+mode - manaomea
BMW - manaomea
Greenpeace - manaomea
Puma - manaomea
Hakro - manaomea
bayern innovativ - manaomea
Kroher Strobel - manaomea
Tommy Hilfiger
Azadi - manaomea
Techtextil texprocess - manaomea
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Now let‘s co-create your personal desk pen!

… endless possibilities
… your very own personal story materialized
… your custom-made design, your CI color(s) made from colorful yarns,
your own textile, your pen length, your logo
… your packaging, made just for you: storycard, storyenvelope, „cigar case“, textile pen-case, …
… »easy-going« or »noble-one«?

Each pen is made from original textiles – colorful recycled cotton yarn and/or your very own textile remnant – and manaomea’s signature organic resin from >95% renewable resources. A pen that respects its origins, as unique as the hand that holds it.
Carefully manufactured near Munich, entirely with green energy.
The pen‘s core consists of an easily replaceable ballpoint refill.

Each pen is a messenger of an intuitive way forward, embodying the power and beauty of the future we all desire. Representing sustainable development and our commitment to combatting poverty. Your bespoke pen will enhance the profile of your company and underline its commitment to our common future.

#madetoengage #textilefairytale

Please contact us directly, if you wish to get your very own personal messenger pens manufactured.
We are delighted and love to serve you!

be part of a beautiful new world


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