Shadow & Light

it‘s a dance. it‘s magic.
pure joy.

it‘s us and it is love.

it‘s all we are. what we create and express.
hard and soft. closed and open. strict and playful.
dark and bright. colorful.

it is all there is, it’s one.

there is no separation, no comparison, no evaluation.
everything simply is as it is.

love it. because it’s time.

time for wholeness. for shadow and light.
for yin and yang.
time for unity. for us. for our great dance. let’s dance it.

This is manaomea’s first collection of chairs and stools and noble messenger pens, called »shadow&light«: rich design, opposites unified, fully present with impact elsewhere. The collection tells about shadow&light, which is only complete and one when all shades and sounds are included.

Then black and white become colorful and a powerful and magical dance can unfold. In accordance with this spirit, our material combines handpicked textile remnants from about 16 partners, all of them lovely, diverse, unique and authentic fashion & textile labels, with organic jute and manaomea’s signature organic resin.

You are excited about this fabulous, unique collection?
You have beautiful textile remnants and you are looking for an exclusive possibility to re-cycle your textile material endlessly?

Please contact us if you wish to get involved!
We would be delighted!

be part of a beautiful new world


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