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the Noble Desk Pen

Black recycled yarn and handpicked textile scraps with a history turn into a unique, tactile writing instrument: Your most beautiful, sensual and gorgeous messenger of a new era of consciousness.

Design and Manufacturing

Black or white Italian recycled cotton yarn, made from primary waste scraps produced by the garment industry, forms the basis of the Noble Desk Pen. The discarded scraps are sorted by colour, shredded, pressed into bales, and spun into coarse yarn.

A special place belongs to the handpicked and hand processed
textile stripe of the remnants of the 16 »shadow&light« labels, e.g.
remnants of old wedding gowns, handwoven textiles from a women’s project in Guatemala, remnants of fair sneakers from Pakistan, enchanting textile remnants from fashion labels in Munich, pure sheep wool selvedges from the alpine upland, organic cotton selvedges from the Swabian Alb and Italian recycled yarn from process waste. 

The exclusive textiles are then coated in manaomea’s signature organic resin made from >95% renewable resources.
The artfully crafted pen shaft is then embellished with handmade fittings made of brass galvanized with precious metals, creating a writing instrument that may well herald the revival of the desk pen. At the core: a replaceable ballpoint refill of the finest quality, made in Germany.

The Noble Desk Pen can well be considered an exciting luxury item. Its value lies not only in the exclusivity of its materials and the unique method of its production, but also in the powerful contribution it makes to a more ecologically and socially conscious world.

What could be more luxurious than a loving fusion of ethics and aesthetics? When ethics and aesthetics kiss each other, new life begins.


Diameter: A slender 8 mm
Length: 15.5 cm
Refill nib: bronze; ink colour: black; writing capacity: approx. 3,500 m

Each Noble Desk Pen collection »shadow&light« is unique and a beautiful surprise, embodying textiles authentic structure, story & meaning and expressing its beauty tangibly.

Eco & social value

Lifelong product responsibility: each pen can easily be dismantled, will be healed and transformed, e.g. into a mural and back.
Every piece of manaomea is an agent for world change and a messenger of the first textile fairytale to come true.

noble desk pens collection shadow&light manaomea

Noble Desk Pen

the most beautiful messenger,
each is one of a kind, a unique surprise


Your elegant Desk Pen travels in an unassuming ‘cigar case’ made of recycled cardboard, thus ensuring an element of surprise. The pristine, clean exterior opens to reveal a treasure: your personal piece of textile art nestled in original remnants, along with its story paper.


The pen case enfolds your Noble Desk Pens in eight layers of the finest organic cotton produced by a development project in Kyrgyzstan and is handcrafted by seamstresses, mothers and designers in Germany.

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